The Other Side Of Muammar Gaddafi

The Other Side Of Muammar Gaddafi

The Other Side Of Muammar Gaddafi: United Nations Speech

Ralph Lauren

Totally agree. A truly mesmerizing speech, unlike I have ever witnessed or am ever likely to. Some of the points he raised would have sent shockwaves to most, if not all of the political class. He dared to speak on areas others wouldn’t dream of, notably, a bold solution to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict – Isratine.
His honesty (or naivety) made him an instant target, so it’s no wonder that 2 years after giving the speech he was dead, as Libya and all its wealth, fell.


the people that tell the truth to big brother are the ones who die I guess

Walter B

This man brought Libya out of being the poorest country in the world to by being the richest in Africa. Electricity is free to all people, Housing is a human right; infact every couple who marry were awarded $50,000 by the Gov’t to buy a house, 95% of the country is literate, education and healthcare is top.


Khaddafy was exactly right, but I’m not sure he even knew (or wanted to say) who really committed 911. i.e Bush Administration/Cheney/Zakheim/Rumsfeld et al. on and on and on… I could name about 30 or 40 of the approximately 100 Americans involved. Sad that he and Chavez, and Ahmadinejad are not in fact the terrorists or dictators, but rather our own statesmen and pentagon brass are/were. The only bad thing I can say about GADDAFI besides the fact that he was a dictator, was that he was funny looking. The only other thing I can say is thatthe interpreter sucks bad.

Itsik Harel

You guys are not connected with realty, you take for granted all the great liberties you enjoy in your countries, but you don’t understand that most of the world doesn’t enjoy them.
Like any Dictator, Gaddafi was good to a small percentage of loyal people who got most of the country richness, he paid them well and they made sure he will be the leader for so long – that`s how it works in a dictatorship, if you are in this small precentage they yes – you have great life – but the rest suffer


well. I was never told current events at school. The media is how most americans…likely out of school, receive their information. I will not deny that there is propaganda in the history books. but that’s not just America. Russia, China, Korea.. teach propaganda to children.

Qj Williamson

for everyone who insist that this man was such a tyrant.. 10 million of us simultaneously attack riot and cause dramatic chaos in NY, DC, MIA,CA and see just how fast our country tis of thee turn on our ass to regain order and control. The president comes to MIA the whole I95 is shut down. POWER what ever the story may lead he held Libya down for 40 plus years. Listen to the speech without judging he has morality. Just as we have to trust our presidents word we must hope his was sincere RIP

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