Ruling Ivory Coast With An Iron Fist

Ruling Ivory Coast With An Iron Fist

Ruling Ivory Coast With An Iron Fist

Meet the man behind the political violence in Ivory Coast. For years the electoral process has been held to ransom by President Laurent Gbagbo and his strongman Charles Ble Goude. In this previously unreleased fly-on-the-wall documentary we get intimate access to the powerbrokers behind Gbagbo’s iron grip on the country.

At the heart of it is Ble Goude who likes to think of himself as Africa’s Karl Rove. He’s a master of spin and fear, African style. And going on his record, he has the potential to bring about a holocaust in this little nation.


Anil Nair

i recently read that ivory coast has stabilised and is actually one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Shauna Baddy

We need someone like Laurent Gbagbo if we want to make Ivory Coast a prosperous country…… We can’t let the French and all their multinationals rob us from OUR natural resources they need to get out of our country and stop living off of Ivory Coast !

Charles-Stephen Goyard

The objectives of this documentary are not clear. If they want to explain the ivorian crisis , they should have started from when Mr. Bédié spoke about “Ivoirité”. Then how he chased Ado, also how the lunatics of ADO have been messing up Cote D’ivoire since a long time. To cut story short, cote d’ivoire is has alot of raw materials and product ,like a lot of African countries, and the ex colon want a president who will give them these ressources easily.

Teo Nesterov

What is wrong with these people? Why on Earth would they have 8 kids in one family? I’m not talking about the orphanage, of course.

Christopher Tiero

This video is DISGUSTING. Pure propaganda. You know nothing about my country’s history and how the French succeeded in dividing us to take our natural resources. Gbagbo is the mouth piece of suffering Ivorians and Africans DON’T YOU DARE discredit him.

Joel-Arnaud Kouadio

In the name of the Allmigthy Lord. PleaSE stop lying to the world. The story of my country is very different from what you telling people. My father always tells me that:”Lying takes lift while the truth takes the steps but both will surely arrive on the rigth time so whatch and see” For years, people like you have been lying talking about what you don’t know. I just want see only one videos where Ble Goude or Gbagbo asked people to kill white people or UN people. Please show me. I may not know. STOP.. STOP…STOP for my country please.