Kenyan Gets DNA Results Finds They Have Asian DNA

Kenyan Gets DNA Results Finds They Have Asian DNA

Kenyan gets her Ancestry DNA results

joseph john

people don’t know the diversity of African, the north Africa was black before the Arab, Persian, Greece and any other white dudes invaders in africa so their so Arab, the late Moors are mistaken as Arab but they not,but basically black


Having Arab DNA does not necessarily mean that you have pale Arab DNA. Black Arabs such as the Moors, and other blacks such as Tauregs, Fulani, etc. dominated the East long before the pale ones and it was those black people that destroyed Africa when they brought Islam to Africa when they returned from the ME. A friend of mine who looks 100% black did his test and it came back that he’s 28% Irish. He had no idea! I did some research only to learn that Oliver Cromwell drove the Moors out of Europe and they came to the Americas, back to Africa and other places. The DNA of black people span the globe because we were the original people and inhabited the whole earth. So don’t be too quick to assume you have white or pale Arab because you have ME or European DNA.


I don’t think DNA is accurate especially for AFRICA. I want my DNA found all over Africa not middle east because I am African.

Lance Fallin (The Singu’Lancity)

I understand your reaction. As a European American whose latest ancestors from Europe arrived to the USA in 1848 and the Earliest arrived in the 1650s. So I thought there would be 1 or 2% African and 1 or 2% Native American Indian and I was completely right about that, but the shocker was 50% Scandinavian? We had ZERO knowledge of that, no verbal or oral history of that, we knew we had English, Welsh, Scottish, Irish, French, German and Dutch (the usual suspects haha) I thought my Irish percentage would be much higher than 20% and my English is only 4% but Iberian Peninsula 11% !!! What? We had no tradition of that whatsoever. I think I had Italy-Greece in there too (okay Rome invaded all the way to Great Britain so there’s some room for that, and we know that Romans were fond of Greek culture and women. Anyway, I really understand your reaction, because you, like me, pretty much knew a lot about your history and yet we still find shockers. Such is the spice of ancestry, history and genealogy. Yeah I can see Kenya as a major cross roads of people and cultures for centuries. Mzuri sana!