I’m a Non-Muslim and I Wear Hijab

I’m a Non-Muslim and I Wear Hijab

I’m A Non-Muslim And I Wear Hijab

While the head-covering is more commonly associated with the religion of Islam, it is a tradition far from confined to this faith. This documentary investigates the origins of female veiling in pre-Islamic history, and the way in which it is practiced today by people of different faiths, cultures and backgrounds.

Barbara Necker

Religious veiling seems kind of silly to me. Didn’t God take care of covering the head by giving us hair? I have aloepecia & thus am bald, but I have a lovely wig & have no intention of covering it up unless there is a wicked wind that makes my head cold.

Ashley Bougherbi

This is a very wonderful video. So beautiful! So nice to see other people recognize that the head covering is not just for Muslims but in fact it’s required for all major faiths. These women all have beautiful hearts. I love seeing religious people who actually follow their religion. May god bless you and guide you.

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