Ethiopian Woman Does DNA Test Gets Shocked

Ethiopian Woman Does DNA Test Gets Shocked

Ethiopian Woman Does DNA Test Gets Shocked

Are Ethiopians a mixed race? Why do Ethiopians look different from other Africans? Find out through my genetics test results!


I like that you and your brother look so different but have the off similar feature. My children look different from each other yet have same mum and dad. Gene distribution is different for each sibling from my research. Despite your DNA ancestry results I still see you as a black woman. As you said Africa is a diverse continent and everyone does not look the same. This is true for Black people in general. People just have to let go of the stereotypes.

Nnenna Parr

Crazy thing is if a white couple had a brown baby the first conclusion people would jump to is that the mum had been playing away. When two black parents have a brown baby people don’t think the mum’s been playing away they start looking for where lighter skinned people infiltrated their heritage. What does it even matter? All this infighting about different Africans is bad news we are all beautiful and we are all humans, East Africans aren’t better looking than West Africans because they have straighter noses or fairer skins that’s not a universal measure of beauty or self worth and not all West Africans look the same not do East Africans anyway. If you know your parents are your parents that is all that matters and even if they are not they gave you a good life so who cares? My dad is a beautiful Nigerian from Abiriba and my mum is a beautiful Englishwoman from Cleethorpes and I’m what they brought together into one unique English person alongside my equally unique English brother.

Peter Jacobsen

Some people have an interest in genetics, anthropology and human migration. For those people it is interesting to know their genetic make-up. It doesn’t have to be for political reasons or to prove some point about racial purity.

Pauline Mwakulegwa

I loved this video, I’m kenyan and started reading up about kenyan and east african history so I ended up looking up other East Africans who’ve done a DNA test (I’m gonna do one soon) & it’s amazing that so many of us (E. Africans) have such mixed up genetics. I’ve seen so many who are part Arab and Asian – it’s fascinating to read up your history and actually see how the past effected you.

Thanks for making this video!


Interesting! I am Eritrean and Ethiopian but my DNA showed 55% Middle eastern, 11% North African 32% East African 2% Western Europe. Who cares what my DNA says, I am 100% African. I was born in Ethiopia!