Cobra Gypsies

Cobra Gypsies

Cobra Gypsies

Kalbelia or Kabeliya is one of the most sensuous dance forms of Rajasthan, performed by a tribe of the same name. They are famous for their dance which is an integral part of their culture. Both men and women in the tribe participate in this activity to celebrate joyful occasions.


I can not fathom the quality of this amazing documentary. Quite possibly the BEST documentary I have ever seen or learnt anything about from any culture on Earth in a movie. The colors the vivid faces that can tell a million stories. You sir need to win some sort of Academy like award for your work. This should be shown in movie theaters!

Rakesh Singh

Dear foreigners (Christians) come To India and enjoy with us, but please don’t Destroy Our Religion, Culture by Doing Conversion works!


it’s not up to you to decide that, plus no one is forcing them to convert, as Christians, it is a law to share the gospel, not that they have to believe it, I for one respect the Gypsies, and I would go there to preach, and everywhere else mind you, but I will also go there to enjoy their culture. People are fascinated with finding truth, that’s why people go to see other cultures and learn from them. I would like to learn a few things from them and let the learn a few things from if they. They have a right to choose what to believe and want just as you.

Khorshid Malikzada

These types of things makes me be thankful to modern culture, eeww they were touching that shit animal which I don’t even want to take the name and they are making music instruments out its skin, that’s so yucky. They shouldn’t be discriminated against but their culture or the way of their life is really not a good one. I learned about Gyepsies in a case, that they are being discriminated against in Hungary, I think western gypsies aren’t like this.


Interesting documentary. The yellow stuff applied to the bodies before the marriage ceremony is turmeric (haldi). The Indian word for Gypsy is Banjaari. The word for ‘wood’ is spelt ‘ lakri’. The word for snake is ‘ sap’. Full marks for the connection between Egypt and the word ‘gypsy’ though. The proper name for Egypt which is what the natives call their own country is ‘Misar’.